Inflation and Its Impact on Home Loan Rates – Simplified!

4 Nov

The Consumer Price Index, or the amount of  you pay for goods and services day in and day out, plays an enormous role in consumer loan rates as well – here’s how:

Imagine for a moment that you are going to lend someone your own money to buy a house. So you determine that this person is a good credit risk, you do the loan, and you start receiving $1,500 per month as your regular payment. You then of course take that $1,500 and start loading up your shopping cart with the goods and services you need on a monthly basis…food, clothing, medicine, gas, etc.

But over time, you notice something happening. Every month, you are getting slightly less in your cart than you did the month before, for that same $1,500 you are spending. Why? Because costs are on the rise–that’s inflation.

Now imagine that you are once again going to lend your very own money to another person to buy a house. You go through all the paces once again, and determine that the person is a good credit risk. You want the same shopping cart full of “stuff” that you got last time in return for doing the loan, but this time you realize that you can no longer get that same cart full with $1,500. Due to inflation, you now need $1,700 to buy those same goods and services.

So what does this mean for the interest rate you will charge this second person? It means you will need to charge a higher interest rate to compensate you for the ongoing impact of inflation. And that is why home loan rates change when there is a fear of inflation in the air, as lenders need to offset the impact of inflation over the years, which will erode the value of the dollars they are receiving over time. And that’s also why it makes sense to work with a smart home loan professional who can be watching these types of indicators and keeping you informed and advised.


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