From the NRMLA Newsletter – Tradition Title Agency President Karen Keating is a Trendsetter

9 Dec

DE Underwriter Sees Benefit in Getting CRMP
Nancy Everitt, a D/E Underwriter for the past 25 years, is among a small, but growing cadre of industry professionals who have been awarded the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designation, despite never having originated a single reverse mortgage.

While the CRMP was designed especially for loan originators, NRMLA has always encouraged other personnel – underwriters, processors, title and closing agents, appraisers and loan servicers – to seek the CRMP. Attaining it demonstrates a strong level of personal commitment, education and ethical behavior, no matter what role you play in the reverse mortgage process.  

In the summer of 2010, Karen Keating, President of Tradition Title in Bay Shore, NY, became the first non-originator to be awarded the CRMP and since Everitt received the designation in October 2011, a second D/E Underwriter has submitted her application and is expected to take the exam shortly.

“I have always been a firm believer in education,” says Everitt. “I read as much as I can and listen to as many webinars as I have time for, whether they are hosted by NRMLA, FHA or my own company.”

Everitt has spent much of her career on the “forward” side of the mortgage business, but in 2003, she and late husband Mark opened The Escrow Factory, Inc., one of the first independent escrow companies to do reverse mortgages in Southern California. She later joined Reverse Mortgage Solutions in 2008 as a HECM D/E underwriter, but recently she accepted a new position as Partner Services Director.

“Although I still underwrite, I primarily work with brokers,” she says. “When they see the CRMP next to my name, they ask me what that is and when I tell them, they say ‘wow, you must know a lot about reverse mortgages,’ which makes me look good as well as my company.”

To learn more about the CRMP designation, please click HERE.

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