Security Measures for Mortgage Professionals

3 Jul
English: A candidate icon for Portal:Computer ...

English: A candidate icon for Portal:Computer security (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most everyone has heard about the LinkedIn hack a few weeks ago.  It was recommended that members change their passwords, and further, if you use the same password for other secure accounts, change them too.

Equifax just sent out their annual security reminder to users of their services.  They suggest some best practices to protect your clients’ information.  Some controls that they use are to restrict ip addresses for users – this means that you can only access their services from one computer.  They also suggest access only during set hours to deter after-hours hacking.

For individual users, most important is to update your anti-virus and spyware software and firewalls.  Install the software and update it regularly (most programs do this automatically) and don’t forget to run a full scan after each update.  Computer settings can be adjusted to run automatic scan on a regular basis.  Get help if you do not know how to do any of these things.

Advice from computer techs is also valuable.  They will tell you to change passwords regularly, after each scan is optimal.  You can’t remember your passwords?  NEVER create a file on your computer called “Passwords”!  Any hacker can quickly access all your accounts with this easy menu, even encrypted files.  In addition, passwords and password reminders should be something that cannot be gleaned from the internet, like your address or the name of your pet (you talk about him on Facebook, right?).

Never open attachments that you were not expecting or that seem to repeat or look in any way strange, even from a sender you know.  These can contain viruses.

Computer security is vital, but security of paper documents can be compromised as well.  Shred anything with personal information on it, and keep files under lock and key when you are not using them.


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