Title Services – More!

29 Jan

Tradition Title Agency can also help you with:

  • Accommodation Recordings and Filings
  • Attorney Searches (last owner, open mortgages, judgments, liens)
  • Bar Claim Actions
  • Business Searches
  • Certificate of Good Standing Searches
  • Chains of Title Searches
  • Condemnation Certifications
  • Co-Op Searches
  • Covenant and Restriction Searches
  • Easements/Right of Way Searches
  • Foreclosure Searches
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Searches & Filings
  • Tax Lien Foreclosure Searches & Filings
  • Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Searches
  • Last Owner Searches
  • Lien Searches
  • Judgment
  • Open Mortgages
  • Federal Tax
  • UCC’s
  • Miscellaneous/Minor
  • Map Abandonments
  • Map Certifications
  • Mechanics Lien Searches
  • Municipal Searches
  • Single and Separate Searches
  • Street Abandonments
  • Street Dedications
  • Surplus Money Proceedings
  • Title Certifications
  • Variance Searches
  • Zoning Lot Certification Searches (NYC)
  • Zoning Searches

Please call the Tradition Title Agency office for more information at 631-328-4410 or submit our contact us form.

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