Keeping Up With The HECMs

3 Mar

This past weekend saw the most recent of many changes to the HECM Reverse Mortgage program, when HUD set a new date for the implementation of Financial Assessment.  Here is a summary:

* Financial Assessment – All reverse mortgages with FHA case numbers assigned on or after April 27, 2015, will be subject to Financial Assessment.  Lenders must now check credit history and funds available to determine a borrower’s willingness and ability to keep up with property charges (real estate taxes and homeowners insurance).

* New Principal Limit Factors – August 4th of last year saw a change in the figures used to calculate the amount of money a HECM borrower may receive.  Most borrowers will see an increase in funds available.

*Maximum First Year Draw – Borrowers are limited to 60% of available funds during the first year of their reverse mortgage, with the exception of “Mandatory Obligations” ie: funds which satisfy liens that must be paid at closing, including closing costs, upfront FHA mortgage insurance premiums, mortgages and home equity loans being paid off by the HECM.

* Reduced Up-Front Mortgage Insurance – Closing costs are significantly lower for those borrowers who access less than 60% of available funds at closing – higher for those whose Mandatory Obligations brings the initial draw over 60%.

*Protections for Non-Borrowing Spouses – the new Principal Limit Factors include non-borrowing spouses younger than the qualifying age of 62.   There are certain protections for these spouses should they survive the borrower.


For details on these changes, contact Tradition’s President, Karen Keating.  She holds the prestigious Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designation and can answer any questions or direct you to the pertinent Mortgagee Letter.

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