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Who Are We?

25 Aug

Title Services

An innovative industry leader, Tradition Title Agency provides unrivaled service with continued expansion of our full range of services and solutions in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff, along with our carefully developed network of key partnerships, can find creative solutions for any complex residential or commercial need for a clear title.


We are especially well known for:

Reverse Mortgages

A specialty of Tradition Title Agency, we help lending professionals streamline the often-complicated process of assisting seniors to stay in their beloved homes with a Reverse Mortgage. We create productive working partnerships to educate and assure consumers, leading to less fear and confusion for seniors and their families, and more trouble-free, successful closings for you.

Commercial Mortgages

We save our business-to-business clients time, aggravation and money by anticipating and solving challenges before they become a deal breaker for you or your client. With our 40-plus years of experience, no issue has ever proven irresolvable to the expert team atTradition Title Agency.

Residential Mortgages

Tradition Title Agency works with all types of lending professionals to help people realize the American Dream of home ownership, insuring that no one has to endure the nightmare of unexpected expenses, claims or losses now or after the closing.

Please call the Tradition Title Agency office for more information at 631-328-4410 or submit our contact us form.

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Q and A on Ensuring a Clear Title

16 Jun

Q. What does Tradition Title Agency do to ensure a clear title?

A. Tradition Title Agency searches records to find anything that could affect a clear title, such as unpaid taxes or mortgages, easements and judgments, and court actions against previous owners that were not satisfied. Bringing potential problems to light early in the mortgage process allows Tradition Title Agency, lenders, attorneys and clients to work together to remove the risk before the closing.

Tradition Title Agency customizes searches to each unique client situation. We do Attorney Searches, Abstracts, Chain of Title, Covenant and Restriction, Easement/Right of Way, Municipal Searches, and whatever your unique situation requires.

Q. What liability does the mortgage banker, broker or attorney have in ensuring a clear title?

A. The best thing real estate, legal and financial professionals can do to minimize risk for themselves and their clients is to always do business with a reputable title agency with experience and expertise that understands the laws and regulations in their local area. With a solid reputation and more than 40 years of experience in satisfactorily clearing titles in NY, NJ, and PA, TTA is such an agency.